Join Zulu as an Investor

Reasons to join Zulu as an investor:
1. You can copy as many performances as you want.
2. You can manage and change your investment risks by your personal setting whenever you like. ( Including size of order. Can close the order whenever you want. The maximum loss etc.)
3. No extra profit sharing will be cost.
4. Free to make a deposit and withdrawal anytime.

Featured Ideas Trading System

Trading Central Featured Ideas Trading system delivers live intra-day trade ideas based on the pattern recognition system applications which continually scan 89 markets globally to provide an unparalleled breadth of coverage of instruments. Ideas are tailored to your' preferred trading style through personalized settings, while automated alerts keep you in the know of any Technical Events® occurring on pairs of interest. The uniquely transparent experience allows you to learn about any patterns found, while “ideas” can be watched to see how they perform overtime.

Free trading system for VIP Account

Technical Analysis:

This screen allows you to access to latest Technical Analysis issued by Trading Central. Simply click your desired summary to access a full analysis. You also have the option to filter the research by either Weekly Trend or Monthly Trend.

Candlesticks Strategies

Trading Central scans all underlyings for Japanese candlestick patterns. These patterns help you identify trend reversals and accelerations. For a full description of the patterns click here.


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